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Increase Field Trip Safety: Protect Students and Staff

Wearable ID Connects Immediately to Trip Leaders.

Field trip safety precautions often lag behind in-school safety measures. Schools have implemented extensive measures such as, cameras, remote entry locking systems and have emergency plans in place. But as soon as students step out the door for the field trip, they are exposed. The Fieldtrip Safeguard solves this problem by providing field trip participants with a durable wristband that provides both safe identification and an immediate connection to school leaders in the case of separation.

One-Call. Immediate Reunification.

In the event a child is lost or separated during a field trip, an adult helping that child need only call toll free number on the wristband and enter the unique school code. The Fieldtrip Safeguard system will immediately dial the on-site trip leader. Ensuring a one-call connection to school leaders, if that person does not answer, the Fieldtrip Safeguard will dial up to three more designated phone numbers.